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> My journey of faith through school years and vision for the Kingdom of God

My journey of faith through school years and vision for the Kingdom of God

Minister Danielle White graduated Savanah College of Art and Design on June 2nd. Danielle was evangelized in Alabama by pastor Suzy Cho, and decided to transfer to SCAD for serving church. She testified His work through her school years and grace. Please pray for her every step will be in His Kingdom.

I’m so thankful that I’ve finally finished with my schooling (for now, at least).

The whole reason why I moved to Atlanta and to the school I graduated from was because of the mission. When I was evangelized in Alabama I was going to a university there and was a Junior, but after my pastor there left, I still wanted to continue to learn and grow for the mission. So with the help and prayers of many people, I was able to move to where I am now.

But honestly if anyone were to look at my choice from a worldly standpoint, they would say that I acted very foolishly. If I stayed in Birmingham, I would’ve graduated much earlier, with a high GPA and great job opportunities. But I gave up that secure future. How foolish is that? And there were many times were I looked at that and felt ashamed.

Ashamed, because I didn’t go the way that my parents and many others thought I would go and wanted me to go. On the surface and the way my family looks at it, they think I’m settling for less. So I feel sad that they can only see it from this viewpoint. Even a day before my commencement, I felt this way. I had gone from a place where I was about to graduate with a high GPA to a place where it took me a longer time to finish school and my GPA suffered. I felt embarrassed and to be honest, there’s a part of me that still does feel this way.

However, does this mean I regret my decision? No, not at all. Not in a million years. The growth and opportunity God has given me during this time to far outgrows any embarrassment I may feel. And I have hope in the future and believe that God will reveal to me an even greater reward; better and more fulfilling than anything the world can give.

It’s through this time in school that I realized what Jesus means by this road being a narrow one. There was a lot of suffering. I didn’t do what normal college kids did. I didn’t have many friends at my school. I didn’t go to many school events. Even though it may not seem like much, when I looked around at the celebration of students during the graduation, hugging their friends, singing together and talking with one another; I really felt that. I felt a bit lonely.

But what is that compared to the growth I’ve seen in myself over the years and the future celebration spent with my heavenly family? I know what is priority in my life. I chose this path because I longed and prayed for God for a long time. Even if I had to give up the world, I would give it up, if it meant knowing Him and forever and always being in His presence. To obey and love; to cherish and give my all to: this is the meaning of my very existence, the meaning of my life.

I realize that and it was through my time at school that I was truly able to live out this statement. Not to say I was perfect, I’m long way from it. But, I feel so much pride in saying that, when the beauties of the world were put in front of me, I chose a life with Christ. I was given the strength and understanding to reject those things. It was in my freshman year college that I began this life of giving it to Christ. Six years ago, Pastor Suzy was sent by God to save my life. Through her prayers and the prayers of Pastor Anderson and Hyunhee and many many many pastors and ministers, I am where I am now.

So I want to thank them and thank God for this great life I now live. And I can’t wait to see what’s next in God’s plan for my life.