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> AM and YEF Atlanta Leaders Spread Bible Study on Clark Campus

AM and YEF Atlanta Leaders Spread Bible Study on Clark Campus

On January 22nd, the AM Atlanta leader, Vanessa, and the YEF Atlanta leader, Danielle, evangelized during the Clark Atlanta campus organization fair. From 7pm-9pm, both ministers spread the word about individual Bible studies on the campus taught by Vanessa. They do this in hopes spreading the deep Word of God to the students of Clark ATL, as well as, Spelman and Morehouse, the other surrounding colleges.

The AM leader also wished to plant her fellowship on the campus and in order to do this, seven members are required.

Vanessa shares, “My hope for the semester is to raise at least two leaders so that they can co-work with me. I also hope to get the club registered within this semester. I ask that you all would please pray for this.”

Danielle interjects, “It’s really refreshing to see Vanessa’s passion for AM. I really want to help her in building her fellowship however I can. She’s very friendly and personable, but most importantly passionate for the Kingdom of God. We met a lot of people today. I hope that within these people someone to more readily help her in her mission, could be found.”

In total the girls received 15 contacts, they both pray that the prepared ones would come with open hearts.