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November Youth Fellowship


On a cool autumn Saturday in November, YEF and Elim leader led this month’s Youth Fellowship Day. This time around they, along with the participants, walked the Atlanta BeltLine to a park, where they played games and then to an outdoor shopping and eating center, where they ate lunch together.

The BeltLine is a former railway track turned into a walking path that goes through most of the city and neighborhoods of Atlanta. Along the BeltLine are many parks, shops, living spaces and even temporary art installations to see as the group walked. Friendly strangers and their pets joined the group as they took a tour of different parts of Atlanta. The bustling, but peaceful atmosphere made for an enjoyable time of fellowship and love between members. Elim leader, Michael Ford and another brother named Chad walked and talked together, often in deep conversation about God and the Christian path. They did this while the girls fellowshipped and enjoyed each other’s company; taking a much needed break from the busyness of school, work and other worries that plagued their minds.

The ministers sincerely hope that through this time the members were able to draw closer together going forward towards the same goal. Each leader wishes to take the young members by the hand and lead them to a closer relationship and bigger dream of God. As was mentioned in the prayer to start off the Youth Fellowship Day, it’s so rare to have a group of young, like-minded individuals, who are seeking to live a true life of Christ. It’s days like these that help us remember this and treat this blessing preciously.

The leaders of Atlanta Bethel Community Church ask that you continue to pray for the young members of the church and that they would not falter in their faith, but grow through every trial and tribulation. That they would come to know what it truly means to live on this path of faith.