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Leave For Promised Land

Atlanta Bethel Community Church Sunday Service and fellowship were overflowed with grace, joy and challenges by message on January 14th.

“Blessings of God are not just given when you are waiting; doing nothing. God blesses the ones who are obeying and following the Word of God”

“When we have this faith, we can leave. We can go to the promised land. When God tells you, ‘Leave your country, your people and your father’s household,’ it is not because of God wants to take them from you. It is not because of God doesn’t love you. It is because God wants to give you (something more) the promised land and bless you.

In your life, you have many things to leave. It can be your past, your sinful habit, your current situation, games, school, family. They are your idols that you love more than God. When God asks you to leave, you have to leave. You know that very well. You know that you love something more than God. The obedience is most important. Abraham became ancestor of faith through obedience.”

During the service, God poured grace when Vanessa Eusebio led the praise team for the first time. Praise team guided attendees to open their hearts to the Word of God. It’d been several years’ prayer topic to set up ‘Praise Leader’ and God answered it last week. The church expects that through this praise team, God can touch the hearts of members in many ways.

After service, young people gathered to share grace over the message. Some of them confessed their weaknesses of not wanting to leave, but challenged to receive His blessing. During the sharing, ministers encouraged each one with the right words.

Coneeto, as the new Sunday meal team leader, prepared delicious food for the congregation with Tiombe. She already shared many recipes and plans for Sunday meal with Minister Hyunhee and said, “I’m so excited and thankful to serve church”.

New visitors for Sunday and growth of previous members affected the church over all. The atmosphere is really refreshing and full of active participation. Please pray for Atlanta Bethel Community Church’s revival continuously.