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> I’ve gotten more in touch with the holy spirit

I’ve gotten more in touch with the holy spirit

Before coming to the retreat, I was focusing on praying and having faith and trusting in God. I feel like my relationship with God has strengthened because I talk to Him more. Through this, I also invited the holy spirit into my prayers. When I first felt the holy Spirit, I was really excited! That week, many problems were happening in my life and I kept asking God for answers. At Friday Prayer meeting, it was during a worship song that the holy spirit came to me. I was really surprised and my body got really hot! I kept asking God if I really got tongues or was I just imagining things. But that night when we prayed I just wanted God to hear my true heart and have my spirit speak to Him.

I’ve been trying to grow in spirit ever since and devote my prayer time in tongues and just focus on my spirit. During this retreat, I’ve gotten more in touch with the holy spirit and worship. I understand more clearly why the holy spirit is important and what a gift it is to us. My favorite verse that I’ve read at the retreat is Acts 2:17-21.I learned that we don’t need to speak in tongues all the time or when we pray for others; sometimes it’s best to pray without because it can be just as graceful.

At first, I felt insecure that I couldn’t speak in tongues and then that I wasn’t making much sense but now I know that it’s more for me and my heart. I hope to take this retreat and let it change my heart forever. Amen.