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> Prayer Ministry had Campus Prayer Meeting

Prayer Ministry had Campus Prayer Meeting

Atlanta, Atlanta Bethel Community Church Preaching from Matthew 6:33-34, Atlanta Elim Leader, Michael John Ford exhorted students and members of Elim to set up proper priority in life.
What is the future? The future is uncertain; we’re too limited to know everything, but, in Christ, we know the future well enough. The minister spoke about a mentor in his life and how he taught him not to worry. “He doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring, but he knows that living for God, he can trust that his life is going to the greatest point in history. His life is prioritized this way- seeking first his kingdom and his righteousness. Even if he can’t see beyond today, with eyes of faith he sees where his destination will be.”

Living life for God is true freedom. Everyone wants to be free, but so many are chained to so many worries. The Kingdom will come. We will get there but we can get there a lot faster without useless worries. We can get there running with firm faith, or get there crawling, often brought low by worry.

Worry isn’t how God’s people lived. Abraham, the ancestor of faith, he was able to give up everything following God. With faith, he was never confined. God’s people can entrust everything to him. And especially for very nervous college students, it’s important to set up this faith now.