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> Spring Retreat Filled with Grace and Fellowship

Spring Retreat Filled with Grace and Fellowship

Atlanta Bethel Community Church had ‘2018 Spring Retreat’ from March 11th to 13th at the prayer garden.

After Sunday service and fellowship on March 11th, attendees drove to the prayer garden with exciting heart. Pastor opened the retreat with the message of ‘1 Kings 18:41-46’. Pastor said “Who is Elijah? He is a person of prayer. Through this scripture, we can see the image of Elijah praying. What kind of person prays? A person with faith prays. Elijah has faith so he prays.”

He continued to explain how and with what kind of faith Elijah prayed to finish 3 and half years famine then encouraged members to remember the work of God.

“Don’t think that you are doing something. Elijah didn’t do anything. All he did was pray. The one who does everything is God. The answer is in our prayer and our faith. I hope we can be the ones to create a great history. I hope we can have great faith like Elijah.”

After service, there were dinner time and prayer meeting. It was powerful. By the leading by Elim prayer minister Michael Ford, everyone was really into prayer. All program of the 1st day ended, but no one really wanted to sleep but shared endless laughing and grace.

2nd day was also filled with grace, joy and sharing lives.

It began with morning QT, led by minister Danielle White then bible study, prayer meeting, personal prayer time, outside activity and BBQ & campfire. All attendees received a lot of grace through the message of ‘Beatitudes(1)’. Pastor delivered the message from Matthew 5:1-5. He exhorted members to see and become the truly blessed one in heaven.

Attendees all enjoyed good weather to play ball, exercise, running and walking the prayer trail. They all have a different level of faith but still joined all programs and pray together deeply. They also made team to cook and serve each meal. Throughout the 2nd day of the retreat, members opened their heart to God a lot and became good friends each other. At the BBQ and campfire in the evening, members had much fun.