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> Summer Retreat Planning Underway

Summer Retreat Planning Underway

The staff ministers met together and structured the retreat’s theme, messages and events. This year, Atlanta Bethel will study the 4 spiritual laws within opening service and 3 bible studies. Pastor Anderson Kim. Michael John Ford and Danielle White will be preaching and teaching during the event. Michael was quoted saying “I hope this awesome opportunity can be seen as precious in the hearts of all who attend. We really want to share well with them so I will do my best for my portion. Though I’ve done this before, I should take is even more precious because I want the word, the church, the love of God to be expressed well, changing someone’s life.”

There are also various indoor and outdoor fellowship activities being led by the two young leaders, and newly committed Kiara Buckmon will also help serve wherever she is needed. The young teen also attended the conference and provided various ideas such as karaoke, with the theme of praise music.