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> Sunday Service 3/20/16

Sunday Service 3/20/16

During the Last Sunday service before Easter, Atlanta Bethel Community Church(P) meditated on the cross deeply.
The Pastor delivered a message from John 13:31-38 titled ‘The Glory of the Cross’. First, he showed one video clip of the  movie ‘Most’. This is a story about one father, a manager of a bridge. He takes down the bridge when train comes, but one day his son is playing around him and as the train came earlier than normal scheduled. His son tried to take down the bridge, but he fell into one hole. His father now has to choose to save his son or the train full of many people. It is such a difficult and sorrowful choice but he chooses the train. His son died.

“2,000 years ago, God sent his one and only son into this world. Why? To save us. Do you remember the flood at the time of Noah? He can just judge this world. But he loves us, and sent his son instead. Jesus Christ came to save us, but why should he have the cross. Who nailed him to the cross? Religious people at that time. They waited for Christ for a long time, but nailed him when he came. This is the deep sorrow of God.”

The Pastor continued the story of Jesus’ cross one by one. Lastly, he exhorted congregations to realize the true meaning of the cross. There is no resurrection without the cross. Jesus Christ saw this resurrection that surpasses the cross. The the eternal world of life came from the cross. He walked this path alone. Let us be the ones to carry our small crosses and walk together with the lord.

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