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> Sunday Service Meditated on the Last Moment before Cross of Jesus

Sunday Service Meditated on the Last Moment before Cross of Jesus

Atlanta Bethel Community Church members meditated on the path of cross. Pastor continued from Lenten series of cross and delivered from John 18:28-19:16. He reviewed last week sermon on Peter’s denial then explained more detail on Jesus true courage in faith.

After pastor read John 18:28, he asked “How much hatred is inside of them? This hatred tries to kill the son of God. It is the rage and wrath that is boiling inside of them. But look at their image. They want to keep the Passover holy. How hypocritical is this? How two-faced is this? This is such a false image.”

He also talked about the conversation between Jesus and Pilate. Jesus wouldn’t be accused with anything in the secular court, that’s why Pilate tried to release him. But the Jews really hated so wanted Jesus to crucify saying ‘We have no king but Caesar!’. It was denying God is the king for them as well as Jesus is the king of Jews.

Pastor lastly let attendees look Jesus, the son of God.

“He didn’t shake at all. He gave out his life as a ransom for many, redemption. This is obedience. What is the teaching us about the absolute path Jesus walked? No matter what tribulation or death, can you go that path without changing? Can you still go? Can you obey to the will of God and obey that one path without changing?” pastor asked then brought John 19:11 then concluded “This is a very amazing scene. IT is not that Jesus bagged and tried to find a way for him to live and avoid this. Therefore, his death was the love for us.”

Before closing sermon, members watched one video clip of Passion of Christ last scene on the path of cross. It made many members to cry and gave thanks to His death for us.

After service, members deeply shared on this true love of Jesus. They also had great fellowship then helped out to clean together.