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> The 40 Days of Evangelism Begins

The 40 Days of Evangelism Begins

It was unusually cold and freezing day. That is why public school canceled class as well as Georgia State University where ministers planned to go. Moreover, there was a big football game near church, people were too excited to listened their invitation. However, no one can stop them!

Elim prayer minister Michael Ford and YEF leader Danielle White went out to meet students and invite them bible study and service. There was icy shower, but everyone was so happy to preach His word. In the afternoon, minister Hyunhee Park also joined after bible study. Michael and Hyunhee went to Walmart to invite neighbors.

Danielle also stated ” During prayer, the night before the start of these 40 days, Jonah 3:1-10 came to me.

There are many stories of whole cities repenting and turning back to God. Prophets go into the cities by God’s calling and thousands of people’s hearts change. How? Was it through their own preaching, their own power? No, not by might, not by power but, by the spirit of God. This 40 days is very important; in 40 days Nineveh was to be overthrown, but because of the city’s repentant hearts and grace ever-flowing grace, they were saved and restored to people after God’s heart.

God has called us to go out into the nations and preach His Word. GSU and all of these college campuses are really just like a small nation in Biblical times. Let us not be like Jonah, running away and becoming angry when God works, but let’s be the ones to go boldly trust in God’s power to soften and work in the hearts of the people on these campus and let a revival begin here.

Not trust in man, not even trusting in ourselves, but in the God, who can do all things for those who have His same heart. Let’s go out boldly with this heart and spirit of God; and His Words on our lips and in our minds.

Today at GSU, there weren’t many people out because of a sudden school closure. I could choose to let this discourage me and not want to try, but God has revealed His power and love for His lost sheep so many times. So instead of feeling down, I choose to believe in the God who wants to see His people saved even more than I do. Through prayer, action and belief, God can move mountains that are in our way and change hearts. So no matter what the immediate results are, we’ll continue to prayer and continue go out boldly.”

Michael said “No matter the ability, none of this is at all possible without God. I have hope for this time, this year. I know my limits, I get to know them better each day, but in order to fulfill God’s will, I must trust in him. No other thing will get this done. If I lose trust in him but have the greatest capabilities for any mission, I will not succeed. Heart over flesh- heart filled with the word and led by the spirit. This is how we can be victorious like Christ. This is how I see this next 40 days and even beyond it.”

Please help Atlanta mission in prayers!