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> The life without God is meaningless

The life without God is meaningless

Derrick A. Kankam, a registered member of Atlanta Bethel Community Church, shared his reflections on ‘Dust and Spirit’; The lesson was in three parts; The body and spirit, relationship between heaven and earth and how we should live on earth. I learnt that life is meaningless when we only satisfy the desires of the world because there is judgment after death. John 14:2-3 gives us the assurance that Jesus is preparing a place for us and we shall join where he is. I also learnt that salvation is personal and cannot be related to our relationship with others. Salvation can be attached by fellowship and following the bible and exercising faith in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

On ‘The Original Sin’; I learnt that a Christian should know about sin, how to avoid it and know about the original of it. Satan tempts Christians well because he knows God’s word and he uses it against us. He tempts us physically and spiritually. As Christians, we can overcome his deceit through true worships and the wisdom of God. It is important that we stick to our faith in God and not become like Satan who was once an angel and changed to become a devil.