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> This Year’s First Asian Styled Cooking Class

This Year’s First Asian Styled Cooking Class

This month, ‘Mama’ Cindy prepared ‘California Roll & Miso Soup’. These dishes look expensive and difficult to make, but it is surprisingly easy and a very healthy dish. That’s why the class students were eager to learn how to make each dish inexpensively.

Everyone made various rolls- big, small, some giant, smoked salmon, vegetarian and even Kimbap-styled, everyone ate together and shared each one’s cooking.

More delightfully, church member, Kyria, volunteered to teach next month. She will teach ‘Korean Styled Popcorn Chicken and Sauce’. The members are excited to learn this new dish and expect to share and fellowship during this delicious cooking time!

Next class will be Feb. 18th at 11am. Everyone is welcome!