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> Two More Members Added to Bethel Community

Two More Members Added to Bethel Community

On Sunday June 26th, Atlanta Bethel Community Church was excited to welcome two new registered members! Bonuheur Dounebaine and Mildred Lovelaee decided to become a part of the Bethel church family after continuously attending Sunday service for several months. Bethel will continue to keep them in prayer and hope that through the church, they would truly experience the love of God and the love of their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Bethel Community hopes to have ongoing growth within the community. Many people desire for something more in their lives and Bethel prays to be the ones who help them get to the One who can provide that. This church wishes to be the light in the darkness, the lighthouse that guides wayward ship back to solid ground, a lamp onto the feet of many. Through the love of God and His son, Jesus Christ, Bethel will persistently go out and seeking for the many lost souls God desires to find and guide closer to His presence. Bethel Community hopes that you all will continue to keep us in your prayers and continue to pray for this mission. And please pray for the spiritual and physical protection of the church’s newest members, Brother Bonuheur and Sister Mildred and for the protection of all of the members.