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> Visiting New School Campus for Student Bible Studies

Visiting New School Campus for Student Bible Studies

On the 18th, Elim prayer minister, Michael Ford, and Hyunhee Park evangelized on the Georgia State University campus and downtown for the first time. It’s summer semester already so many students are on campus and some of them are very interested in Bible study during the summer. Ministers also looked around campus to find good places to have the studies. The student center, cafeteria and plenty of benches surrounding the school will be great meeting spots. Ultimately, they will invite students to church after several bible studies. And thankfully, the school is located downtown, so they can use many places freely.

Michael said, “It’s a blessing that this school is populated with students during summer. The closer local schools, they’re empty, but God has opened the door for his word to continue to be preached. I feel very hopeful for this new season of GSU outreach. The city area the school reminds of my home New York, so I see the same splendor outwardly, with a lack of God’s presence.”

Hyunhee shared “Thank God to bring us here today. I can feel Holy Spirit really presented with us during this first evangelism. This school’s atmosphere is different from schools we had evangelized. Students are more open minded, commute from home, various on ages, ethnics and background. I pray that we can find the prepared thirsty souls during this summer time. As we see less students stay in campus near church, but God opens the other door always a lot of students on campus. Amen.”

They will meet students for bible study from next week, and keep evangelizing weekdays. Please pray for this new school and passionate walk of faith.