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> Wise in God’s word

Wise in God’s word

In Exodus 1:1-22, I learned how the Israelites grew in number in Egypt, but were enslaved to try to stop them multiplying. Also, Pharaoh tried to have all the male babies destroyed to stop the growth of the Israelites. However, the midwives lied to the Pharaoh to protect the boys and listen to God. The main point to how God is in control even when Satan persists and persecutes. The Israelites still grew even when they were enslaved, because the midwives listened. This shows how wisdom can be found in fearing and listening to God.

I hope I can have the strength the midwives have so that I can be wise in God’s word. I know that whatever plan God has for me cannot be stopped by Satan and will come true.
In Exodus 2, I learned about the life of Moses and how he grew up in the house of Pharaoh. I learned a lot of new things in this message, specifically how Moses was the prophet of water, Elijah was the prophet of fire, the basket resembled Noah’s ark, being drawn out of the water is a method of salvation etc. I enjoyed the relation of how we are just like Moses, when we were raised in Satan’s realm. This allows us to understand this world but be distorted and lessened in purity, which we should not.

Also I learned that Moses had a passionate heart like Jesus, however Moses was filled with violence where as Jesus had anger against evil. Anger against evil is good but violence is not good. Lastly, I learned that Moses lived to be 120 years old and his life was separated in three parts; Pharaoh’s kingdom, Median, wondering with Israelites. In the time after being educated of the world, Moses had a simple shepherd life in Median. I must remember that I must have a point in my life when I slow down and focus on God and gain the purity that was lost in learning of the world.

In Exodus 3, I learned about Moses and the burning bush. What stood out to me is how God comes to Moses in a common bush. This shows that we should not expect God to come in most majestic way but in a simple way. This is how we should come holy and simple. Also I learned special and material revelation, and God came to us in special revelation through Jesus. This is the most important revelation and in this since the word became flesh; Jesus. We can treat the word as a recorded revelation. More so, the bush shows a flame, depicting how quality is more important than the appearance.

Even though God knows where we always are, he calls us to give us a commission. Everyone receives a commission and in order to focus on this commission I must grow stronger in my faith, specifically by distinguishing time, place, things and humans. These are all done in church. Therefore I must remember how holy church truly is and the importance of distinguishing holiness and bringing an innocent heart to God in order to gain the fullest grace and strength in faith God wants me to have.