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> Worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth

Worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth

Pastor delivered the Sunday service message on worship. What is service, what is worship, and why is it important? In the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman, Jesus taught what is true worship. The woman asked Jesus where is the correct place to worship, Mount Gerizim or Jerusalem. Jesus didn’t talk about where but about how. Like one body, each member is part of the church. Worship shouldn’t just be a ritual in the building but in us, in our lives, because we are part of this church. If you live sinfully on weekdays you can’t worship in spirit and in truth on Sundays. Some say they never receive grace through Sunday service, its simple, they don’t live for God on the weekdays, their lives were not Christian lives, so they didn’t receive anything Sunday.

When you live as living sacrifice on weekdays you can truly worship him on Sunday. Through Sunday service you offer your life to God. Service is important and glorious work. There are important things in life, but the most important thing, the most noble thing, is to truly worship God. The life of a Christian is the life of worship.

There was one new visitor, Mr. Earl, who was visiting relatives nearby the church. After service everyone shared the grace they received. One member shared, “Worshiping in spirit and in truth, like Pastor said, isn’t just about a building but a community. I hear it in songs, but it never hit me until I started my walk of faith. We’re here to use our lives to bring his kingdom to earth and to walk towards his kingdom as one body.”