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> YEF October Fellowship: Mediating on the History of Atlanta

YEF October Fellowship: Mediating on the History of Atlanta

Many of the new students coming to Atlanta Bethel haven’t had the opportunity to go out and see Atlanta and its many historic landmarks. So, this past Saturday, October 14th, YEF and Elim leaders (Danielle White and Michael Ford) took two students to the King Center (a free Martin Luther King Jr. museum), his birth home and the Old Forth Ward (another historic area in Atlanta).


Through the visit of the museum, members could see the artifacts and influences of Martin Luther King Jr. and his family, to get a more personal glimpse at the man and family, that will always be remembered in history. They learned interesting facts like how Martin Luther King Jr. was born Michael King Jr. But a trip by his father, also named Michael King, to Germany to study Martin Luther affected him so deeply that he changed his name and the name of his son to Martin Luther.


After going through the museum and stopping by for a photo by his birth home, the members walked to a nearby food court and talked over lunch. They had a deep conversation about the treatment of different races and peoples that still plague the world today. Though the initial goal of Martin Luther King Jr. was met in his death, it’s only through realizing our sin and knowing God that this world can be healed of all hate and evil.


These conversations then slipped into more a more lighthearted talk about past school experiences and ice cream. After getting a cone, they walked the Beltline of Atlanta, which weaves through most of the city. When the day was done, three of the female members visited Minister Danielle apartment for a couple of hours and talked about having a Girls’ Night for YEF and the church.


We so happy that the students are beginning to take initiative in helping to plan more events for YEF and the church. We hope you all can keep in prayer over each student’s growth and for new faces as well.