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Youth Fellowship Day

Along the YEF and Elim leaders, six college aged students joined during this time. The group began with a word of prayer led by YEF leader, Danielle, and a picnic under the shade of a tree. The day was spent in the hot and humid southern sun, but this did not weaken the spirits of the group. They spent their time walking around the park, playing card games and playing hide-and-go seek like little kids. But it was during this time that everyone in attendance, despite their status or age, was truly was to let go and open themselves up.

“This day helped me to realize even more how much God can work and be with us in the places and times we don’t really expect. We were just having fun and acting like kids, but as we were I felt that surely God must see each of us like this and just how precious we are to Him. During this short time, everyone could take off this mask of being independent and show their childish and very pure nature. Amid the world, it was like our fellowship and time together was a blurry shadow of heaven,” the YEF leader testifies.

Within the fellowship there were also times of sharing the joy of discovering the church and drawing closer and closer to God in their hearts.

One young sister testified, “After a couple of times of Bible study, that’s when I realized that this is what I really need. My shoulders became lighter and it feels permanent. I don’t feel judged at the church; I really feel the love God has for me.”

Because everyone was enjoying each other’s company, the group didn’t part ways until around 11pm at night. They ended the night in prayer, led by the Elim prayer leader, Michael and with warm goodbyes and expressions of how great this event was for everyone.

“This was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time,” one brother exclaimed.

The leaders invited them all to church the next day (Sunday) and everyone showed up to fellowship within the house of God. The young sister in high school became a registered member that day.
We are so grateful to God for this time of fellowship and deepening of relationship between our young people within the church. Through prayer and these basic events, God works powerfully and quickly within the hearts of His children. We hope that you all would join us in prayer over this group and that God would continue to guide and protect them from anything that may stop them from receiving His love and truth.