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Who We Are

Bethel Community Church is a group of believers that wish to continue living for the God’s history, in which He has called us to take part. Through reading (from the Scriptures), teaching (Bible studies), and preaching (Evangelism), the main objective of our church is to carry out the Great Commission in Matthew 28, and make disciples of all nations. Jesus Christ, as He showed through...

About Us Who We Are


God is always faithful

The Story Of Joseph. Genesis 40-50 After Joseph was put in prison, the grace of God was still upon his life no matter what kind of situation he was in because he was righteous in the eyes of God. I understand now that all dreams and not just dreams we get when we are asleep but even our dreams and aspirations all come from God and as we see in Joseph’s life God gives interpretation of dreams to his children. This world is full of darkness and confusion and as children of the light, it is our job to interpret God’s words and the dreams he gives to those who do not have understanding. Through Joseph’s life we see that God is always faithful and no matter what situation we find ourselves in, if we just trust in him he will rescue us. Also Joseph went from being a prisoner to a ruler in just one day, this is truly a great miracle and it shows …

My journey of faith through school years and vision for the Kingdom of God

Minister Danielle White graduated Savanah College of Art and Design on June 2nd. Danielle was evangelized in Alabama by pastor Suzy Cho, and decided to transfer to SCAD for serving church. She testified His work through her school years and grace. Please pray for her every step will be in His Kingdom. I’m so thankful that I’ve finally finished with my schooling (for now, at least). The whole reason why I moved to Atlanta and to the school I graduated from was because of the mission. When I was evangelized in Alabama I was going to a university there and was a Junior, but after my pastor there left, I still wanted to continue to learn and grow for the mission. So with the help and prayers of many people, I was able to move to where I am now. But honestly if anyone were to look at my choice from a worldly standpoint, they would say that I acted very foolishly. If I stayed in Birmingham, …

Latest Devotional

  • July 13, 2018

    He Knows Us

    Did God know about me as I drove at night on a 100-mile journey to my village? Given the condition I was in, the answer was not simple. My temperature ran high and my head ached. I prayed, “Lord, I …

  • July 03, 2018

    Compassion for the Lost

    Matthew 9:36-38 Throughout the Gospels, a phrase commonly used of the Lord is “He felt compassion” (Matt. 9:36). These words describe what Jesus often experienced when He encountered people in a helpless condition: He was moved to alleviate their suffering. Man’s greatest …

Upcoming Events

  • Aug10

    Summer Retreat

    On Aug 10-12, Bethel Community Church members will be heading to the church headquarters in New York. We...

New Here?

How can you be involved at your local Bethel Community Church? Here are some simple steps towards becoming more acquainted and involved in your Bethel community! CONNECTION CARD Choose location, language, or fellowship. Filling out a connection card lets us know what your interests are and what gifts God has given …

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  • Sunday School

    Every Sunday 11:00AM

  • Group Bible Studies

    Everyday Sunday 1:30PM

  • Sunday Service

    Every Sunday 11:00 AM

  • Wednesday Service

    Every wednesday 5:30pm

  • Friday Prayer Meeting

    Every Friday 6:00pm

  • Asian Style Cooking Class

    Every 3rd Saturday 11:00AM

  • Youth Fellowship Day

    Every 2nd Saturday 11:00AM

  • Elim School

    Everyday 1st Sunday 1:30PM

Our Vision

Located in Atlanta, we wish to be instrumental in the fulfillment of God’s dream, the universal vision of building the body of Christ. We seek the abundant diversity formed by people from various backgrounds harmoniously united in the truth. The word preached in different languages is delivered through acknowledged ministers to help people deeply digest the truth and experience individual transfiguration. We are fully committing to fulfilling the great commission that the …