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Who We Are

Bethel Community Church is a group of believers that wish to continue living for the God’s history, in which He has called us to take part. Through reading (from the Scriptures), teaching (Bible studies), and preaching (Evangelism), the main objective of our church is to carry out the Great Commission in Matthew 28, and make disciples of all nations. Jesus Christ, as He showed through...

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Minister Danielle White’s Reflection

Though there are still many things I long to understand about Jesus' cross, one thing I do understand is the sacrifice and love behind His every action. When I look at how He boldly took the cup given by God, how He did run away and take the easy way out and how He willingly took on the full pain of the cross, it really made me think about my walk. All of this is the path of the cross that Jesus took and what should be done for us as well. Boldly going out, not taking the easy way and doing all things out of love; this is the path Jesus showed us. But am I truly taking this path or do I try to go a little off the path to avoid problems and difficulties? I think I've lived trying to go off the path, but then I realized that outside the path of Christ is nothing but a selfish, sin-filled life. It's like …

Haley’s Retreat Testimony

I really enjoyed the retreat. While I was here all of our bible studies and prayer sessions answered questions I’d had before coming. I also had questions answered through the spirit during prayer time. I enjoyed bonding with everyone. Before coming to this church I had been praying to God for Christian friends to connect with (I did not have many). The testimony sharing was also an exercise for me because I have never told people these things. It was a very blessed trip. The Beatitudes have revealed to me the different rules to live by that lead to life eternal after death. I've learned to never grow weary when doing the Lord's work for these are great rewards in heaven. It's also a reminder that I will never be alone through the hills & valleys and although challenges will come. Jesus my savior is always there to carry me when I fall. The rules to live by include loving God will all my heart and …

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Upcoming Events

  • May06

    Elim Prayer School

    The Elim Prayer Ministry will continue a series of prayer lectures every month at 1:30pm. In order to...

  • May18

    Pentecost Retreat

    Join us as we join with Nashville Sister church for a peaceful three day retreat filled with worship,...

New Here?

How can you be involved at your local Bethel Community Church? Here are some simple steps towards becoming more acquainted and involved in your Bethel community! CONNECTION CARD Choose location, language, or fellowship. Filling out a connection card lets us know what your interests are and what gifts God has given …

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  • Sunday School

    Every Sunday 11:00AM

  • Group Bible Studies

    Everyday Sunday 1:30PM

  • Sunday Service

    Every Sunday 11:00 AM

  • Wednesday Service

    Every wednesday 5:30pm

  • Friday Prayer Meeting

    Every Friday 6:00pm

  • Asian Style Cooking Class

    Every 3rd Saturday 11:00AM

  • Youth Fellowship Day

    Every 2nd Saturday 11:00AM

  • Elim School

    Everyday 1st Sunday 1:30PM

Our Vision

Located in Atlanta, we wish to be instrumental in the fulfillment of God’s dream, the universal vision of building the body of Christ. We seek the abundant diversity formed by people from various backgrounds harmoniously united in the truth. The word preached in different languages is delivered through acknowledged ministers to help people deeply digest the truth and experience individual transfiguration. We are fully committing to fulfilling the great commission that the …